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Five beautiful & unique locations for a proposal In Europe

Five beautiful & unique locations for a proposal In Europe

If you’re looking for a beautiful European location that isn’t too predictable but also not too wildly ‘out there,’ you’ll hopefully find some inspiration here.

Of course, it’s straightforward to go for the favorite landmark spots – the Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Oia in Santorini. They are all stunning spots that will never disappoint, but perhaps you’re after somewhere a little more original; after all, there’s nothing less romantic than proposing next to another couple with the same idea.

Here are our carefully selected destinations that encapsulate style and romance for the modern couple.

Luxury places to propose in Europe

Where to propose in Europe? 

Île de Ré, France

If your dream proposal imagines you and your loved one cycling through quaint cobbled streets past olive green shuttered houses; meandering into little boutiques next to rustic old shops, and finishing your days feasting on freshly shucked oysters whilst staring out to sea (or into each other’s eyes) then Île de Ré might be the place for you. Charming is the only way to describe this Atlantic coast hideaway, which, despite now being a summer favorite with fashionable Parisians, still maintains its authenticity. The pretty harbor town of St-Martin-de-Ré is for people who love their food, especially freshly caught seafood, and the island’s array of beaches have something for everyone. A bike ride to the western tip sees a lighthouse mark the quiet beach at Phare des Baleines…perhaps this is your memorable spot?

Italy – Florence

Elegance and romance go hand in hand with Florence, and its historical setting would ensure a wedding proposal could be nothing less than beautiful. Florence does have it all, from art to landmarks and the promise of lazy days drinking Italian wines and lingering over truffle-infused lunches. Take a gelato and wander hand in hand through the bustling piazzas – for some, this might be the perfect spot to declare your unconditional love? Or else climb the towering Duomo before taking a stroll along the banks of the Arno, an equally romantic but less theatrical location for a proposal. Stay in one of the city’s grand old properties converted into luxury or boutique hotels but still maintaining romantic ceiling frescoes where cherubs and angels familiarly overlook many a romantic couple.

Greece – Mykonos

If sun, sea and glamour beckon, then there are many destinations to choose from, but not all can claim the same greek island charm of Mykonos. Whitewashed buildings and old cobbled streets belie the glamorous addresses that sit nonchalantly behind these pretty facades. Feast like the locals on octopus and Ouzo or dine in style at the outdoor sushi bar of Nobu Matsuhisa. Charter a Riva and power around the Cyclades, perhaps a perfect time to pop the question? Before heading back to your hotel overlooking the Aegean’s stunning archipelago. Mykonos is a chameleon, wild and beautiful, and it is perfect for souls of a similar ilk.

Wengen – Switzerland

There is something so breathtakingly dramatic about being in the mountains. The romance of a snowy white backdrop with you and your love so small but powerful amidst these majestic peaks. Whilst most couples head to Jungfrau for the backdrop of Jungfraujoch, otherwise known as ‘the top of Europe’, the quieter and less crowded Swiss mountain village of Wengen might be a preferred choice for those in search of something more private. Choose this picture-perfect spot amongst timber clad houses with the Jungfrau in the background, or take advantage of a private cable car to whisk you up to the top of the mountain before anyone else.

Best Europe locations for Engagement by Andra Steine

Lokrum island – Croatia

Beautiful sunsets, fabulous gastronomy, and adventure beckon in Croatia and its archipelago. While Dubrovnik, Hvar, and Split all sit quietly awaiting your romantic post-proposal explorations, it is little Lokrum Island that I would like to suggest for a fairytale marriage proposal. This pretty nature reserve is a boat trip from Dubrovnik’s Old Town but a million miles away from everyday life. Stroll through tranquil pine and cypress strewn botanical gardens while peacocks strut alongside olive trees. Perhaps you’ll stumble across the 11th-century monastery ruins where dropping to one knee against this ancient backdrop could be the perfect proposal for something new and romantic in the future.

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